New Warzone Hack Makes Players Impossible To Kill When Downed

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Much to the annoyance of the Warzone community, encountering hackers over the course of a game is nothing new as a number of players use some kind of cheats to get the upper hand over the opposition. With Season 5 in full swing and the start of Season 5 Reloaded right around the corner, players are continuing to discover new hacks in Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

This particular hack doesn't involve being able to see players through a wall but it does bear similarities to a hack that enables players to dash around the map with ease. In this case, it's now impossible to kill a hacker, even when they're downed!


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Warzone Downed Dash Hack

Warzone Operators Fighting Near Railway Line

The hack was discovered by Warzone TikTok creator 'mrbluebird' who managed to down an opponent on a rooftop but to their surprise, the player managed to dash away to safety thanks to the bizarre exploit. While attempting to eliminate the downed player with a sniper rifle, the hacker managed to evade the bullets but mrbluebird fell victim to the blades of a helicopter.


This particular issue seems to be a development on the unlimited dash hack which has recently emerged. Considering the severity of the issue, it's highly likely Raven Software will be cracking down on cheaters spotted dashing around the map.

As players look towards the release of a dedicated anti-cheat for the PC version of the battle royale, Raven Software and Activision are increasing their efforts to combat the issue of cheaters. Since the game was released, over 650,000 cheaters have been permanently banned from Warzone and in the months leading up to Call of Duty: Vanguard's release, there's every chance of more ban waves taking place.