Bizarre Warzone Cheat Gives Players Unlimited Dashes

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Despite Activision and Raven Software increasing their efforts to combat cheaters from ruining Warzone, players have uncovered a brand-new hack as Season 5 progresses towards the halfway stage. In recent weeks, players have seen all kinds of cheats, including those that give players the ability to fly across the skies at a ridiculously fast speed.

While this hack doesn't give players the ability to fly at supersonic speeds, it does enable them to dash around the map, meaning they can easily traverse Verdansk and Rebirth Island at speeds that make it incredibly difficult for players to deal with, much to their annoyance.


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Warzone Unlimited Dash Hack

Warzone Operators Fighting Inside Verdansk Airport

A number of players were quick to publish the hack in action to alert other players that may encounter a cheater dashing around during a match. Reddit user 'feenmush' was innocently looting a garage before grabbing a UAV from a nearby Buy Station and before they had any time to react, an opponent appeared from nowhere and eliminated them.


While spectating the killcam, the opponent can be seen using an infinite number of dashes to traverse the map in a matter of seconds. As Activision and Raven Software continues to crack down on cheaters in Warzone, it seems players and cheat providers are continuing to bypass the systems which are certainly annoying for those that want to get their fix of battle royale action.

Thankfully, it won't be long before a dedicated anti-cheat will be making its way into the game in a bid to prevent cheaters from ruining it for everyone else.