Demand For Warzone Cheats Continue To Increase

Cheaters are on the rise in Warzone and that's no surprise considering over 500,000 accounts have been banned for it.

While some hackers are doing some more subtle things, such as custom skins, others are flat out cheating in gameplay.

Wallhacks, aimbot - you name it, they do it.

While Activision is doing positive things to combat the issue, it's far from over and may only get worse.

Warzone Hacks On The Rise?

A new study by Diamond Lobby has shown that the demand for hacks is on the rise in Warzone.

The majority of this information comes from investigating the latest Google Trends. In Google Trends, users can see what the world is searching for and how popular it is.

While Aimbots are on the decline, hacks, in general, is on the rise. Chronus Zen's are also on the rise - a device that allows you to easily adapt controllers and gameplay in certain ways.

Photo via Diamond Lobby
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Photo via Diamond Lobby

Perhaps players are fed up with running into hackers on a regular basis and have resorted to getting them as well?

While it looks like Activision are doing a great job at combating hackers, they're still getting on the game and causing havoc. Admittedly, it doesn't seem difficult to set up a new account once you eventually get banned.

Players have been pleading for an anti-cheat mechanism in the game for quite some time and while the call has been heard, it's yet to be answered.

Perhaps this will be the motivation Activision and Call of Duty need to invest in an anti-cheat mechanism.

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