03 Jun 2021 9:56 AM +00:00

Warzone Hackers Create Their Own Skins

Hackers have been taking their antics to another level as they are bringing their own custom skins to the mix.

Instead of opting to use tools to help them win, it looks like they are implementing new skins to taunt their opponents with.

They're not exactly the most attractive things to look at or particularly inconspicuous...

Warzone Hackers Create Their Own Skins

After playing a recent match of Warzone, a Reddit user noticed the winning player flew out in the helicopter with a garish outfit.

Photo via u/jherbz87
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Photo via u/jherbz87

Bugged textures covered them - they looked like Mr Blobby in many ways.


Seeing this in-game will probably overwhelm you with the same sense of dread that Slender Man did.

Despite Activision doing their best to ban over 500,000 accounts, it seems hackers aren't worried and are even taunting their prey.

Beware of the pink suit hackers roaming around your games...