Warzone Content Package Is No Longer Available Error: How to Fix on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation

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Warzone players are no strangers to encountering a range of error codes that often prevent them from dropping into Caldera and Rebirth Island. While some errors are due to the battle royale's servers going down, most occasions require members of the community to search for a solution to the problem.

As the launch of Season 2.5 nears, errors containing various codes continue to appear. The most recent one to appear claims players don't have the content required to play the game even though they do. Thankfully, there is a handy workaround for this common issue impacting the game.

The cause of the problem is down to certain files becoming corrupted which prevents Warzone from launching altogether. With that said, find out how to fix the 'the content package is no longer available' error in this handy guide.

Warzone Content Package Is No Longer Available Error Fix
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How To Fix Warzone 'Content Package No Longer Available' Error

Unlike most Warzone errors, there's no need to look for an elaborate workaround that may involve a full reinstall. Sometimes, the error impacts players waiting in the pre-game lobby following the arrival of a small patch.

More often than not, the update should begin to download automatically but if it doesn't, you'll have to check for the update manually. Here's how to manually check for a Warzone update.

  1. Head to the dashboard or home screen.
  2. Enter the games library.
  3. Highlight Warzone and press 'Start.'
  4. Select 'Check for Updates.'
  5. If an update is available, it will begin to download.

If this doesn't fix the problem, it's worth considering a full reinstall in order to repair any corrupted files preventing you from jumping into the action. It's a time-consuming process but it will guarantee all of the files will be repaired.

Will Raven Software Fix The Error?

If players continue to encounter this annoying error, there's every chance Raven Software will implement some kind of fix in order to stop players from losing their content packs. Only time will tell if the severity of the issue warrants some kind of interference.

If you've tried all of our suggested fixes, the last resort is to contact Activision Support and submit a ticket for some direct assistance. All being well, these tips and tricks should have you dropping back into Caldera and Rebirth Island in no time at all.

There you have it, that's how to fix Warzone's 'content package is no longer available' error. For more Warzone news and intel, check out our definitive assault rifle tier list alongside all there is to know about the upcoming Season 2.5 update.

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