Players Furious With Sudden Increase of Warzone Cheaters

Image showing Warzone players shooting each other
Credit: Activision

Image showing Warzone players shooting each other
Credit: Activision

Despite the best efforts of Activision and the team behind Ricochet anti-cheat, Warzone players continue to encounter cheaters using all kinds of software to gain an unfair advantage over the opposition.

Although a recent ban wave removed 180K cheaters, recent anti-cheat innovations can disarm hackers but it's not stopping them from slipping through the net and causing chaos on Fortune's Keep and Caldera.

With Season 4 already heading towards the halfway point, players dropping into the action are noticing a sudden influx of hackers taking aim at legitimate players attempting to become the last one standing.

Players Angry At Warzone Cheater Increase

Ricochet's kernel-level driver is designed to detect any cheating software running alongside Warzone and while it does filter out the majority of hackers, there are some that still manage to sneak into matches.

After a cheater eliminated them from a match, Reddit user 'bwash407' decides to share a clip of the hacker clearly using an aimbot to lock on to various targets across the map.

One comment jokes "Ricochet is on vacation" while others highlight the sudden increase of Warzone cheaters. Some believe the problem is reaching a point where the battle royale is "unplayable" which is far from ideal.

It's not just casual players noticing an increase in hackers. Pro Warzone player SuperEvan took to Twitter asking if Ricochet had stopped working.

There's a chance the sudden increase is due to the launch of Season 4 which sees cheat providers updating their software in a bid to evade Ricochet's prevention methods.

The increase won't last long. A recent progress report from the team behind the anti-cheat says it "will get smarter and better as time progresses," resulting in a significant decline in the number of hackers ruining the fun for everyone else.

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