Call of Duty Warzone: Trios Returns And Passenger Killstreaks Update

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It's been a week of big change for Call of Duty Warzone off the back of the big Season 3 update for Modern Warfare.

The Battle Royale mode has been subject to a new Scopes and Scatter Guns playlist with the most recent 1.20 update, which temporarily removed the standard trios mode.

Infinity Ward also quietly removed armoured trucks from solos. Now it looks like they're reverting things back to the way they were with a few other changes.

Trios Returning To Warzone

In a surprise twist, it looks like Infinity Ward is bringing back Trios to Warzone. It fails to specify if this will impact the new mode that replaced it, to begin with, but the logical conclusion is that it won't.


The playlist will be added back on Thursday 16th April at 11pm PST or Friday 7am BST (for those in the UK).


With over 50 million players registered to Warzone, Infinity Ward seem keen to keep their fans happy.

It was only recently they announced that Armour trucks were being removed from solos and changes to buy station prices were being looked at.

One thing fans can be sure of is that this game mode is going to be well looked after.


Passenger Killstreaks

Amos Hodge, Creative Director at Raven Software, has confirmed that Warzone's passengers can now use killstreaks while in a vehicle.

So if you happen to be riding shotgun with a UAV or airstrike in your pocket, you can now utilise it.

Amos also confirmed recently that they are investigating the prices of items at buy stations. Most recently, loadout drops were increased to $10,000 globally.


While this makes sense for modes such as Quads and Trios (initially starting at just $6,000) it's a little steep for solo modes.

While it certainly encourages more scavenger based gameplay and rewards those that are more active, it is very expensive for something that may not pay off long term.