Warzone Season 3 Gulag Is Standoff!

Call of Duty: Warzone has seen its first look at the new Gulag for season 3 and its a throwback to the Black Ops 2 map Standoff!

Players are franticly searching for clues about the new season which is bringing a new map to Warzone.

While Verdansk has been destroyed by a nuke in an in-game event held last night, it is confirmed we will be seeing a redesigned Verdansk from the 1980s.

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Warzone Season 3 Gulag

As part of the launch event for season 3, rebirthfromtheashes.com was launched and features many clues about what is coming.

Upon visiting the website you are greeted with a text box you can enter codes into.

If you enter the word 'Paradigm' into the field, a pop-up box will appear. While it doesn't look like it is doing much, you can speed up the process by interacting with the page. The fastest way is to hold down the space bar.

As you see the page filling up you will be asked to fill in a CAPTCHA challenge to prove you are human 3 times. After completing these steps, an image will appear.

Some text accompanies the image which reads "If you find yourself here, don't forget: Their hollow words have built these hollow walls. There is always a way out for those who are strong enough".

This text heavily implies that it will be the Gulag for Season 3.

What you see upon confirmation
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What you see upon confirmation

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Fans of the franchise will notice that the image is a throwback to the Black Ops 2 map, Standoff.

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