How To Unlock Roze’s Rook Skin In Warzone

Season Two of Call of Duty’s popular battle royale Warzone is well underway.

The new season has bought in a wealth of content to the game, including new additions to the weapon arsenal, new Operators, and new points of interest to Verdansk.

While the additions of Naga and Samantha Maxis have been welcomed by the passionate community, there’s one Operator skin in particular that players are still desperate to get their hands on.

Roze’s Rook skin is a popular choice among players thanks to its almost completely black colour, allowing players to blend into various areas of the map.

Find out how to unlock the skin in this article.

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How To Unlock Rook Operator Skin

Rook Warzone Operator Skin
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The only way to get your hands on Roze’s Rook Operator skin was by reaching Tier 100 in Modern Warfare’s Season 5 Battle Pass.

With Season 5 long gone, it means that it’s impossible to unlock the Rook skin, which is certainly unfortunate for those that didn’t complete the Battle Pass for that particular season.

Despite the lack of Rook skin on offer, there a similar-looking skin.

How To Unlock Near Dark Operator Skin

Roze Near Dark Operator Skin
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To unlock this skin that bears a heavy resemblance to the infamous Rook skin, purchase the Roze Operator bundle from the in-game store if you haven’t already unlocked the Operator.

As of writing (March 26th), there is no way of acquiring the Near Dark Operator skin anymore as it was last available during Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone. 

How To Unlock Roze Operator In Warzone

To unlock the Roze Operator for Warzone, head to the in-game store and purchase the Roze: Behind The Mask bundle for 2400 COD Points.

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