Who Are The Best Warzone Players In Season 2?

It is no question that Warzone has become Activision-Blizzards top performing game in recent memory. 

Now, Black Ops Cold War has entered its second season and there is a lot of promise for the future of Warzone, including a new map!

Competitive Warzone has seen its issues with hackers/cheaters, but there are still some players who shine above the rest.

Here are the five best Warzone players for Season 2!


1. Aydan

The former Fortnite World Cup qualified player has seen massive amounts of success since transitioning over to Warzone.

Aydan currently ranks number two in terms of money earned through Warzone events per esportsearnings.com; sitting at a grand total of $135,970.83.

Aydan can be found streaming every day typically over on his Twitch channel and it really is a joy to watch Aydan tear up lobbies!


2. HusKerrs 

The only player to top Aydan in terms of prize money earned is HusKerrs.

The NRG Esports player has been dominant since the game released, and can be found at the top of most competitive Warzone events!


3. Tommey

Recently signed to 100 Thieves, the former professional Call of Duty player has been one of the shining stars of Warzone as of late.

Possessing precision aim along with top-notch game sense, Tommey is always a threat to the competition. 


4. Rated

Another 100 Thieves member cracks our top five list and another former professional Call of Duty player in Rated.

The British sensation has quickly climbed the ranks of Warzone players and has been lighting up the scene as of late.


5. Symfuhny 

Rounding out our list is another former Fortnite professional player and streamer in Symfuhny.

Sym has always been touted as having some of the best aim within FPS titles, and this has become evident within his Warzone streams.


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