Players are losing their heads with another Call of Duty: Warzone heartbeat sensor glitch

Halloween seems to have arrived early in Call of Duty: Warzone, and players are losing their heads over it — well, some of them, at least. 

Warzone’s heartbeat sensor is causing yet another bug, a bug with potentially more problematic effects than the last one.

How can there be a bigger problem than the heartbeat sensor instantly killing whoever equips it, you ask?

Reddit user u/PerrysReddit posted a picture of a squad mate after they equipped the heartbeat sensor, and the result was like something out of a horror tale.

As soon as they equipped the sensor, their head disappeared.

They were still in the game, though, able to fight, hide, and even win like normal.

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Players are losing their heads with another Call of Duty: Warzone heartbeat sensor glitch

The headless bug seems fairly harmless, even humorous, on the surface.

It’s better than the instant death glitch from 2020, without a doubt.

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[Source: u/PerrysReddit]

However, there’s a broader problem the new heartbeat sensor bug could give rise to, especially if players figure out how to exploit it.

Since Warzone’s headless bug doesn’t remove players from the game, they can do everything they’d normally do — just without a head.

And it’s pretty difficult to land a headshot when your opponent doesn’t have a head to begin with.

Fortunately, it seems the issue is uncommon.

PerrysReddit’s account is one of the only mentions of it so far, and even commenters who experienced heart sensor problems before haven’t lost their heads yet.

It might not be so bad, though.

With Warzone's zombies on the move yet again, maybe a headless glitch is just what you need to increase your chances of surviving.

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