Warzone Players Want Big Gas Mask Changes In Season 5

Call of Duty Warzone fans would like to see the gas mask changed in the next season. Right now, when you aim down the sites, your operator will remove the mask. This can prove problematic if you bump into an enemy in the gas – as you’ll have very little control over the accuracy.

Fans Want Changes To Warzone's Gas Mask

As one fan on the Warzone Subreddit puts it: "I don’t mind it being automatic. It just shouldn’t interrupt ADS. It could even still damage while it’s on, just don’t cancel my aim."

However, Infinity Ward has likely thought long and hard about gas mask functionality – so may have opted for this as a means to balance gameplay.

Being able to aim down the sites would mean many players would hang around in gas-zones, which would give them an unfair advantage. As one user writes: “Toggle-able would be abused and exploited.

“The gas mask animation is an intended and necessary game mechanic for balancing. There needs to be a penalty for riding the edge of the gas."

“I understand it sucks the first time it happens, trust me when I say we have all died and lost a game over it."

“But after the first time or couple of times, it’s completely on you to have better situational awareness and either stay in the gas or stay ahead of it."

If you’re still dying to a gas mask animation at the end of season 4 then that’s on you and you need to stop making excuses for why you died.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Elsewhere, some new files have surfaced that point to a new Operator for Season 5, with fans theorising that it could be Frank Woods from Black Ops. As reported by @ModernWarzone, @CallOfDuty has recently uploaded a photo of Woods to their Instagram account as thanks for 10 million followers. Is that a hint? We’ll have to wait and see - we've been expecting a COD 2020 reveal to arrive in Warzone for some time now – perhaps Season 5 will be the perfect stage.

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