Call of Duty Warzone: Duos Battle Royale Mode Tips & Tricks to Winning More Games

The launch of Season 4 is right around the corner but before we get to see Captain Price dropping into Verdansk, the final playlist update of Season 3 saw the long-awaited debut of the Duos playlist.

Before dropping into the new mode, it’s essential to decide on a strategy prior to jumping from the plane and with more teams dropping in than ever before, there are several different ways that will have you and your duo climbing aboard the victory chopper in no time at all!

In this guide, find everything from the best landing spots, styles of play and tactics to secure those Ws.

The Best Landing Spots


Warzone Superstore Tips
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The Atlas Superstore is a hotbed of activity on every other playlist on Warzone and Duos is no exception, with several teams dropping here in a bid for a couple of quick kills in the early stages of the game and to get their hands on some strong ground loot.

The potential of securing a solid loadout and a hefty amount of Cash is the main lure when it comes to landing here but the risk of entering a siege of bombardment from several rival teams is extremely high so if you’re looking for success in this area, it may be best to loot up and get out of there before thinking about taking on a few teams.


TV Station

Warzone TV Station Tips and Tricks
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Ideal for close-quarters combat, TV Station is a great place to land without too much competition. With several loot crates to earn a sizable amount of Cash and the chance to get your hands on some strong weapon variants, this area of the map is less crowded than other areas allowing you and your duo to loot up before jumping right into the action.

If other teams do land at the TV Station, try to grab an Uzi or an M4A1 off the floor to clear out the area as quickly as possible.

Storage Town

Warzone Storage Town Tips and Tricks
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Situated south of the airport and west of the superstore, the storage town is home to plenty of loot and is much quieter than some of the other locations to drop.

The location is a huge advantage in itself, being so close to two heavily populated locations. The early stages of the game are where several teams rotating towards storage to continue looting so landing here, getting hands-on some strong weaponry and utility and using the maze of storage lockers to your advantage is a good tactic to get some kills before thinking about advancing into the next few circles.


The Best Tactics & Strategy

With just the two of you battling to emerge the victors of Verdansk, there are certain strategies and tactics that work extremely well and others that may work in Quads that might not yield the same success rate. Here are just a few tips to help you make your way to the endgame.

Stick Together

Warzone Duos Tips and Tricks
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When it comes to Duos, sticking together is the best way to take down opposition quickly and easily. Always having your duo there to either trade a kill or provide some covering fire onto a converging enemy is the key for any sort of success.

Some modes may allow a team member to do their own thing but if you’re are wanting those high kill games, sticking together is the way to go.


Slow & Steady

Duos have more teams dropping into the game than Quads and Trios, opening up the game for a variety of play styles that can be just as effective as running into an enemy team all guns blazing.

Given how deadly the GRAU 5.56 Assault Rifle is at long range, opting for a passive strategy still allows you and your teammate to score plenty of kills without risking the possibility of being taken out by getting too aggressive.

A GRAU/AX-50 combination is perfect for dealing with enemies at any range imaginable. The range advantage also allows you to utilise your positioning more, avoiding any chance for a third party to get involved in the fight that may send you off on a premature trip to the Gulag.

Attack, Attack, Attack

Warzone Duos Tips and Tricks
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Sometimes, the best form of defence is by launching an all-or-nothing onslaught onto an opponent and more often than not, this is the tactic of choice when battling it out on the streets of Verdansk.

It’s hard not to grab a fast-firing SMG and go for it, especially when there are several areas that lend themselves to aggressive strategy. Here’s how to succeed every time if you want to fully send it.

The right loadout is key so do what you can to get your hands on a loadout drop as quickly as possible to get a loadout with Ghost to keep you hidden from any UAVs and a couple of mobile, high-damage weapons to dispatch of any opposition you come across.

Knowing when to challenge an opponent is also extremely important when playing on the offence. If you’re sneaking up behind an unsuspecting duo then taking them down is very straightforward but if you’re met head-on with an enemy, it can be difficult.

Make sure the line of sight is clear so none of your shots misses and most importantly, make sure your teammate is close to you to quickly finish the job.

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