The Best Perks For Warzone

When it comes to creating the ultimate loadout to conquer the opposition on Warzone, Perk selection is equally as important as selecting the best attachments for your weapon of choice.

The popular battle royale features a wide variety of Perks that offer players unique benefits ranging from being invisible to any enemy UAVs and being able to resupply ammunition from fallen enemies on the ground.

With a total of 18 Perks to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect combination to suit a particular style of play.

If you’re struggling to find the best Perks to use when dropping into Verdansk or Rebirth Island, we’ve narrowed down the best Perks that will prove extremely useful during a match.

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Best Warzone Season 4 Perks


EOD Warzone Perk Season 4
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The chances of being hit by some form of explosive during a Warzone match are extremely high, making EOD one of the best Perks to select from the Perk 1 list.

When equipped, EOD provides an increase in explosive resistance, meaning you’ll take less damage when a grenade lands close to you or if you encounter a claymore awaiting your arrival on the other side of a door.

Double Time

Warzone Best Perks
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For those that like to navigate the map at breakneck speed, Double Time is the Perk to select.

The Perk doubles the duration of Tactical Sprint, allowing players to move faster for longer, and also provides a 30% increase in crouch movement speed which can prove beneficial when attempting to sneak behind an opponent for an easy kill.

Double Time works best when a sub-machine gun is equipped to utilise additional mobility to move around the map quickly.

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Warzone Best Perks Guide
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The vast majority of Warzone loadouts feature Overkill in the Perk 2 slot and there’s a good reason as to why.

Overkill gives players the ability to carry two primary weapons, expanding the combination of weaponry that can be taken into battle.

The ideal weapon combinations depend on your style of play. For those that like to get in on the action, an assault rifle/SMG combo is the way to go but for players that prefer a more passive and patient method, an AR/sniper combination is perfect for picking off targets from afar.


Warzone Best Perks
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Another incredibly useful Perk is Ghost. This Perk has been a staple of Call of Duty for some time and it quickly became an integral part of the Warzone metagame when the BR was released in March 2020.

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Ghost conceals your location from any enemy UAVs patrolling the skies, any Radar Drones that may be used to scout your location, and any Heartbeat Sensors.

With UAV’s used as a key tool for players to determine the location of any players that could be nearby, Ghost is an essential part of any loadout.

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Tune Up

Warzone Best Perks
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This particular Perk is often overlooked when it comes to building the perfect Warzone loadout. Tune Up reduces revive time by 25%, which is ideal if one of your teammates is downed in an intense firefight and needs to be revived to get back into the action.

It’s not just squad-based matches where Tune Up is useful. In solos when equipped with a Self-Revive, the increase in speed could be the difference between making it back into the game or an opponent sending you on an early trip to the Gulag.


Amped Warzone Perk Best Perks
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Arguably the most popular Perk 3 to use in Warzone is Amped.

Enabling players to swap weapons at a much faster speed than normal, this Perk is essential when reacting to any kind of situation that players may encounter over the course of a Warzone match.

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