Raven Software Responds to Bugged Operator Skins

Throughout its time in Caldera, Warzone has contained a variety of bugs and glitches affecting various areas of the battle royale. Despite the best efforts of Raven Software, new issues continue to appear.

As the Season 2.5 update nears, players claim several items are "pay-to-win" while others are "pay-to-lose" thanks to the unintended benefits and flaws they provide. Recently, the Lethal Luxury Operator Skin has come under fire due to a glitch impacting those that have purchased it.

Thankfully, Raven Software has responded, stating that a fix for the skin and is aware of another glitch affecting Polina.

Warzone Lethal Luxury Skin Glitch
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Warzone Operator Skin Glitch

On March 10, we reported that the Padmavati skin available in the Lethal Luxury bundle was causing parts of the skin to clip in front of players during a match. This made it impossible for players to see what was in front of them.

In addition to the Lethal Luxury skin, a visual bug has affected Polina's Cloaked for Combat skin. The bug replaces the head of the Operator with a different character. Fortunately, the Warzone developer confirmed it's investigating the issues after adding cards to its Trello board on March 14.

When Will Warzone Operators Get Fixed?

While Raven Software has acknowledged the issues, an exact timeframe for fixes to arrive hasn't appeared yet. With Season 2.5 right around the corner, there's every chance the developer applies fixes alongside the addition of brand-new content.

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