Best Warzone RAM-7 Blueprints

Season 2 of Call of Duty’s incredibly popular battle royale, Warzone, is in full swing.

While the RAM-7 assault rifle may not feature in the loadouts of several players, the compact rifle still comes with a rapid rate of fire and impressive mobility statistics, making it a viable option as a secondary weapon in a sniper rifle loadout.

Throughout the first year of Warzone, there have been a wide range of blueprints released for the RAM-7.

With many blueprints on offer, what are the best blueprints for the RAM-7?

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Best RAM-7 Warzone Blueprints


Best RAM-7 Warzone Blueprints
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Featuring a clean white finish alongside a lethal combination of attachments, the Corrupter blueprint is arguably one of the very best available for the RAM-7

With improvements in damage range and accuracy, this iteration of the rifle often excels in mid-range engagements.

The blueprint was able to be unlocked by reaching Tier 99 of the Season 1 Battle Pass.


Warzone RAM-7 Best Blueprints
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This particular blueprint is one of the most colourful that has been seen within the in-game store.

Alongside a bold and bright colour scheme, the Tiki-Taka blueprint comes with a set of attachments that drastically improve close-quarters combat.

Available as part of “The Game Winner” bundle, it can be acquired by heading to the in-game store.

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Warzone RAM-7 Best Blueprints
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With just three attachments already equipped, the Reticent blueprint comes with a clean combination of blue, black, grey, and plenty of customisation options to create an incredibly versatile RAM-7 loadout.

The foundations for a strong loadout are already there, with the monolithic suppressor and commando foregrip providing increases in damage range and reductions in recoil

Available as part of the “Silent as the Grave” bundle, it can be bought from the store.

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