Best Warzone RAM-7 Iron Sights

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Season 2 of Call of Duty’s incredibly popular battle royale, Warzone, is in full swing.

While the RAM-7 assault rifle may not feature in the loadouts of several players, the compact rifle still comes with a rapid rate of fire and impressive mobility statistics, making it a viable option as a secondary weapon in a sniper rifle loadout.

Throughout the first year of Warzone, there have been a wide range of blueprints released for the RAM-7, some of which feature modifications to the iron sights.


With that said, which are the best RAM-7 iron sights to be using in Warzone?

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Best Warzone RAM-7 Iron Sights

Good Luck Charm

Best RAM-7 iron sights warzone

Image courtesy of PSYCHO


The standard iron sights for the RAM-7 are certainly some of the best to appear on any weapon in Warzone.

The large circle encloses a smaller circle with a small green line highlighting the middle for precise aiming and accuracy when aiming down sights.

The Good Luck Charm blueprint goes one better than the standard iron sights, slimming down the central column to show more of the screen, a small yet significant modification that can drastically improve keeping track of an opponent during a gunfight.

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How To Unlock Good Luck Charm Blueprint

The process of unlocking the alternative iron sights for the RAM-7 is incredibly straightforward.

The blueprint is included in the “Rainbow Tactical” cosmetics bundle which can be purchased by heading to the in-game store.