Best Fortune's Keep Landing Spots

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Image showing Town POI from Warzone Fortune's Keep map
Credit: Activision

Warzone players have switched their focus to the start of Season 4, now that it has begun. The new season of the Pacific era sees the arrival of Butcher as an Operator alongside a brand-new Battle Pass containing 100 tiers of content for players to unlock.

The most significant piece of content appearing is the Fortune's Keep map, replacing Rebirth Island as the alternative to Caldera. As players attempt to determine if Fortune's Keep is bigger than Rebirth Island, some are already trying to determine the best Fortune's Keep landing spots.


Here are the best places to land at the start of a Fortune's Keep match, from our own experience.

Best Fortune's Keep Landing Spots

Fortune's Keep features 12 different POIs containing plenty of areas to explore along with a wealth of loot allowing you to begin the match on the front foot.

A trailer released on June 14 highlights some notable areas that range from a town packed with buildings to an abandoned winery with a mixture of open spaces and multi-storey buildings.


Our own personal favourite drop point is Teraces, in the north of the map. There's plenty of loot, a church to climb to get the lay of the land nearby, and a helicopter parked close by to use for a quick escape.


It's also close to Keep, which tends to be one of the busiest parts of the map at the start of Season 4, allowing you to loot up before going hunting.

The only issues with Teraces is the occassional lack of a Buy Station. If one isn't in the churh courtyard, you need to travel to Graveyard most of the time, which isn't fun.


Situated on the western side of the island, Town contains buildings of varying sizes. Although there's plenty of loot hidden inside, there are plenty of corners for campers to reside in meaning you could risk an early end to your match if you decide to land here.

Despite the risk, the potential of finding enough Cash to purchase a Loadout Drop is hugely appealing. Try and find some strong ground loot to take on any potential opponents while hunting for some early money.

Image showing Town from Warzone Fortune's Keep Map
Credit: Activision


With numerous wine cellars and multi-storey buildings to explore, the Winery is also going to prove a popular POI. Found towards the east of Fortune's Keep, the Winery is more central which enables quick rotations to anywhere on the map.

Considering the abandoned wine cellars are dark, gloomy areas, you may find some hidden secrets that could tie into one of the multiple Easter Eggs appearing on the island.

Image showing Wine POI from Warzone Fortunes Keep Map
Credit: Activision
Is Winery the best place to go?


For those that prefer a little extra time to loot up without multiple players attempting to shoot you, Bay could be the perfect place to land. Found at the northwest corner of Fortune's Keep, this secluded beach features a small island that could feature plenty of orange supply crates with high-tier loot inside.

There's always a chance of dealing with one or two other players but it's much easier to duck and dive to safety if things become too hot to handle.

Image showing Keep POI from Warzone Fortune's Keep map
Credit: Activision

Those are the best Fortune's Keep landing spots to use in the early stages of Warzone Season 4. As the season progresses, we will update the article if there's a shift in the meta.

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