Players Request Changes to "Best" Warzone Feature

Image showing Warzone players surrounding small SUV
Credit: Activision

Raven Software often makes a range of changes to Warzone to ensure players have a smooth experience when dropping into the battle royale. Despite its best efforts, the community often critiques the developer on numerous issues impacting the game.

With the Season 4 Reloaded update nearing, players have recently found free Warzone hacks are responsible for causing a sudden spike in the number of cheaters ruining matches.

In addition, others are asking Raven Software to make a subtle change to what's become one of the "best" parts of the battle royale experience.

Players Want Adjustments to Warzone Death Comms

Death comms allow players to hear the frustrations of their targets for a few seconds before they leave the game or head to the Gulag. As expected, you often encounter a range of emotions.

Reddit user 'Justice171' says that Warzone death comms are one of "the best parts of the game." They say it's extremely entertaining to hear the final words of their opponents.

Instead of letting one player hear the enemy's final farewell from the match, the player suggests Raven Software should allow death comms for the whole squad to hear for a "massive increase in enjoyment."

Plenty of players in the comments are fans of this particular change. Many say it would make the game even more fun, with one fan suggesting players that score the assist on the kill should hear the short voice message.

Others suggest an increase in the length of death comms to allow further communication between players. With a clear demand for tweaks to the feature, it's unclear if Raven Software will listen. There's a chance Season 5 could contain changes so we will have to wait and see.

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