Warzone and Vanguard Armoured Titan Bundle: How to Get, Price, and More

The current Attack on Titan collaboration with Call of Duty has started on the wrong foot. The first bundle that contained a Supply Corps Operator Skin completely missed the mark, much to the annoyance of players and fans of the hugely popular anime.

Following on from the disappointing start, the two worlds have collided once again with a brand-new armoured titan bundle making its way to Warzone and Vanguard. Judging by recent feedback, it's a significant improvement to its predecessor.

As with most crossovers, the bundles are only available for a short period of time. Thankfully, the process of obtaining this epic set of items is incredibly straightforward. With that said, find out how to get the armoured titan bundle in Warzone and Vanguard in this handy guide!

Warzone Vanguard Armoured Titan Operator Skin
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What Is an Armoured Titan?

For those unfamiliar with Attack on Titan, there are a total of nine titans that feature armoured plates of skin across their bodies. This particular titan is in possession of Reiner Braun. Thankfully, the immensely powerful armour of the titan doesn't transfer to Call of Duty.

Armoured Titan Call of Duty Bundle

In addition to the armoured titan Operator Skin for Roland, the bundle also contains the "Armored Strength" weapon blueprint for the Cooper Carbine assault rifle. The white parts of the weapon represent the titan's armour while the red peeking through the gaps showcases the exposed skin underneath.

How To Get Armoured Titan Operator Skin

As with most limited-time bundles, players can get their hands on this unique skin by heading to the Vanguard or Warzone store. Simply purchase the armoured titan bundle and equip the skin! The whole bundle costs a total of 2400 COD Points, making it one of the more expensive offerings available but for fans of AoT and players looking to stand out from the crowd in multiplayer and battle royale action, this bundle is a must-buy.

Will Call of Duty Get More Attack on Titan Bundles?

After launching two bundles with varying degrees of success, it's unclear as to whether a third Attack on Titan bundle will make its way to Warzone and Vanguard. Considering the immense success of the armoured titan bundle, it wouldn't be surprising to see another set of themed cosmetics appear.

If the design can avoid the disappointment of the Supply Corps outfit and capitalise on the success of the armoured titan skin, Attack on Titan won't disappear from Call of Duty anytime soon but we will have to wait and see what Activision has in store throughout Season 2.

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