Are Warzone’s Blueprints Bad For The Game?

Season 2 for Call of Duty’s incredibly popular battle royale Warzone is in full swing.

While Zombies continue to spread across Verdansk and players continue to do battle across a variety of game modes, Warzone’s publisher Activision and developer Raven Software continues to release a wide variety of blueprints for numerous weapons in the game.

Featuring exclusive designs and a pre-determined combination of attachments, blueprints have proved to be a popular feature in the battle royale.

As the number of blueprints continues to grow, could the addition of too many have a negative impact on the game?

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The More, The Merrier

With such a diverse range of designs and attachment combinations for almost the entire Warzone arsenal, the selection of blueprints in Warzone enables players to equip an alternative design to the in-game camouflages that can be unlocked by completing various challenges.

According to @ModernWarzone, there are over 50 blueprints that are believed to be a part of the ever-evolving metagame.

Warzone meta blueprints
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More weapon variety in a metagame, especially a battle royale, is integral to grant players the ability to select more than one or two weapons that are capable of scoring plenty of kills during a match.

One user has come up with an interesting theory as to why there are so many blueprints in the metagame.

Warzone Blueprints
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Are Activision and Raven Software tweaking the weapon balance so players buy blueprints for different weapons?

The best players will always lean towards using a couple of weapons that excel when used to their style of play, but for the casual player base, variety is the key to maintain their interest.

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The Pay-To-Win Problem


Gallantry MAC-10 Blueprint Pay to win
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The release of some blueprints has proved to be controversial, with some players going as far as saying that the free-to-play game is in fact pay-to-win.

During Season 1, the ‘Gallantry’ blueprint for the MAC-10 submachine gun became the centre of attention after it was revealed that its in-game statistics were superior to that of the base version of the SMG which had been on the receiving end of a recent nerf.

With so many blueprints deemed to be part of the meta, and with the only method to unlock several of them is by purchasing, is Warzone slowly becoming a title where the players that buy the best blueprints have the weapons that perform the best?

To avoid a similar case to what happened with the Gallantry blueprint, Raven Software has done its best to ensure the statistics for all weapons, including blueprints, perform in exactly the same way as the weapons that are free to unlock.

Money Talks

It’s unlikely that Raven Software and Activision will ever stop releasing bundles containing blueprints because of the incredible amounts of money that they generate.

Many players consider the range of camos on offer by completing challenges look underwhelming on the streets of Verdansk or Rebirth Island, and compared to just a handful of blueprints that are available in the in-game store it’s clear to see why some feel this way. Dark Matter from Black Ops Cold War looks incredibly dull in Warzone and when compared against the Ice Drake blueprint for the Krig 6 which resembles a dragon, there really is no contest as to which is better.

As long as Activision continues to generate revenue from blueprints, they will remain a feature of Warzone for as long as the game is supported by the publisher. They’re certainly an interesting element of the game, but a point has to be reached where too many blueprints have flooded the game.

In my opinion, the addition of blueprints in Warzone has never really bothered me as a player. They provide some extremely cool designs to the available weapons, adding a new element of flair to some guns that aren't the best-looking. 

As long as there is no in-game advantage for players using a blueprint, then I don't see why there can't be thousands of blueprints on offer!

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