Raven Software Unveils Plans for Warzone ADS Nerf

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Since taking charge of Warzone's development from Infinity Ward in 2020, Raven Software has done its best to maintain some level of balance within the hugely popular battle royale. With Season 1 Reloaded fast approaching, the developer has revealed its intention to increase the aim-down sight (ADS) speed, much to the annoyance of the community.

The change is believed to increase the time to kill (TTK), adding a further layer to the ever-changing metagame for those dropping into Caldera. While some are in favor of a slower ADS speed, many are against it, claiming that it will slow the pace of the game and favour those that are already aiming in.

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Warzone ADS Nerf

Warzone ADS Nerf
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Raven Software unveiled the changes in a Tweet posted on January 9th. It revealed that base ADS speeds will be decreased for all weapons in the arsenal, providing a slight increase to Warzone's TTK. A slower ADS speed will favour those that have already zoomed in with their respective weapons, meaning those that have to react to a gunfight will have less of a chance to outplay their opponent.

While the concept of a TTK adjustment sounds promising, a number of prominent Warzone players and streamers shared their thoughts on how to make a more balanced change, with many requesting an increase to base health that resembled the hugely popular Iron Trials mode.

Will Raven Software Stop The Change?

With several players suggesting better options than a decrease in ADS speed, Raven Software could reconsider this intended change based on player feedback. An exact date for the change has yet to be revealed but with so many against it, it could be a while longer before a TTK increase comes into effect.

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