Activision Begins Crackdown On Hacked Warzone Account Sellers

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Ever since the release of Warzone, Activision and Raven Software have been doing their best to address the ongoing issue of cheaters within the battle royale. Despite regular ban waves and changes to player reporting, there are thousands of players still managing to play the game with some kind of hacks that give them an unfair advantage.

With Season 5 in full swing, Activision has reportedly introduced a range of new security measures in order to prevent the selling of hacked Warzone accounts that can be sold for up to $2,000 according to a report from VICE's gaming division.


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Activision Versus Warzone Account Sellers

Two Warzone Operators Wearing Gas Masks

The report unveils details on Activision implementing a "captcha" system that is said to target spoofers as well as giving the developers the ability to track down any accounts that have slipped through the net and into the game. Now it's easier to track down these accounts, bans can be implemented at a much faster rate, which is extremely good news for those growing tired of cheaters ruining their Warzone matches.


While Activision has managed to reduce the number of hacked accounts working their way into Verdansk and Rebirth Island, one message obtained by VICE suggests that cheaters will still be able to sell accounts with all in-game items unlocked.

"Since accounts are in short supply due to security measures changing, we'll now be offering a variety of unlock services. In short, we can help you unlock pretty much anything in (Modern Warfare and Cold War)."

With fewer hacked accounts available for people to buy thanks to Activision's crackdown on sellers, the changes made means that the likelihood of encountering hackers is slowly going down which could have a significant impact on Warzone.