Warzone Publisher Activision Takes Aim At New Cheating Software

Ahead of Warzone's new Season 4 Reloaded update, publisher Activision has begun taking action against a new AI-powered cheat program.

The programme, which offers "auto-aim" and "auto-shooting", uses machine learning to input commands without players needing to, according to Twitter account Anti-Cheat Police Department, which works to identify vulnerabilities and cheaters in popular games.

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Update - Cheat Developer Shut Down

On July 14th, the ACPD confirmed that Activision had taken action against the new cheating software, with the creators shutting down the website, much to the delight of players that are growing tired of Warzone's cheating problem.

Warzone Publisher Activision Takes Aim At New Cheating Software

You can see the cheat in action below, and ACPD notes that "this is aim assist but more amplified without you even needing to do anything all you have to do is aim in the general area and the machine will do the work for you.”

Activision has begun clamping down on the cheat seller, removing YouTube videos of the product in question.

Because the cheat is running through a PC via a console's capture card, it's possible that it would work on PlayStation and Xbox because Sony and Microsoft would find it harder to detect it.

Last month, we reported that hacks in Warzone appear to be on the rise, as demand increases for new tools to ruin the experience for others.

While Activision has issued almost half a million bans for Warzone, the game's free-to-play nature means it's possible to jump right back in.

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