Leak Suggests Overhaul to Warzone 2 Inventory and Armour

Considering the only piece of official Warzone 2 information we know is that the game is in development, we know an awful lot about the next chapter of the battle royale thanks to a recent wave of leaks.

Multiple reports claim major changes ranging from the addition of Pro Perks to a new interrogation system suggest Infinity Ward is transforming Warzone into an all-new experience.

The latest leak from notable Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson claims a backpack system similar to Escape from Tarkov is in the works in addition to major armour changes.

Warzone 2 Backpack System In the Works

A recent exputer report reveals a bag system is in "early development." The system enables players to collect ammunition, Killstreaks, and extra weaponry and store them for future use. In addition, the space in the bags increase depending on the tier. The higher the tier, the more space players have to use.

A backpack system has appeared in a Call of Duty battle royale. Treyarch's Blackout used the system allowing players to carry anything ranging from utility to additional attachments to equip on any weapon they're carrying.

Image showing an armour suit from Blackout
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Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 Armour Overhaul

Alongside the return of the backpack, Henderson's report mentions significant changes to the function of armour. Instead of needing plates and satchels, players will need one of three armour vests in order to equip any kind of additional protection.

The report claims tiers allow players to add more armour plates, with the third tier giving you three armour slots to fill. The vest doesn't break during a match but the plates will, just like the current iteration of Warzone.

Image of armour vest from Blackout
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Credit: Activision

With leaks and rumours, take them with a pinch of salt but considering Henderson's impressive track record, the new additions could add another layer of depth to Call of Duty's battle royale. As the months tick down towards the release of Warzone 2, expect more official intel to emerge.

In the meantime, check out our Warzone page for the latest, news, leaks, and guides.

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