Does Vanguard Zombies Have an Easter Egg?

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The start of Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard is fast approaching, much to the excitement of the Zombies community that has been left underwhelmed with the latest chapter of the Dark Aether storyline. Der Anfang is considered to be one of the most unpopular Zombies modes in the history of the franchise, despite Treyarch adding plenty of innovative features such as the Altar of Covenants.

Since the launch of Vanguard, many players have been wondering whether Zombies features a main Easter Egg quest. With that said, does Der Anfang feature a main Easter Egg quest?

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Vanguard Zombies Easter Egg

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Easter Egg Quest
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Typically, Call of Duty Zombies contains a hidden Easter Egg quest that features numerous complicated steps for players to complete. Once it's finished, those that manage to finish it are rewarded with a cutscene showcasing the next part of the story. As of writing, Der Anfang does not contain a main Easter Egg quest, but the developers have promised one will be appearing in the not too distant future.

Treyarch has confirmed new content for Zombies will be arriving in the Season 1 update but the main quest won't begin until "after Season 1."

Vanguard Zombies Season 1 Content


The exact details for the new content arriving in Season 1 haven't been revealed yet, but we can expect new pieces of intel to arrive along with some new objectives that can be completed. Treyarch has said that Season 1 will "set the stage" for the main Easter Egg quest, so players will have to wait and see what's in store.

That's everything we know about a main Easter Egg quest appearing in Vanguard Zombies. For more Season 1 intel, check out our dedicated hub filled with all the latest information surrounding the new season of post-launch content.

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