All Altar of Covenants in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies

The launch of Call of Duty Vanguard is just a few days away and Treyarch is continuing to unveil various pieces of information surrounding Der Anfang, a brand-new Zombies story set in the Dark Aether. Alongside a range of new Perks that can be used to fend off the undead, Zombies will feature an innovative upgrade system known as the Altar of Covenants.

Earned by exchanging a Sacrificial Heart, there are 11 Covenants that will be available to earn when Vanguard launches on November 5th. Each of them provides an upgrade that can improve your chances of making it to a high round. Here's a complete list of Covenants in Vanguard Zombies including their functions and the best combination to use.

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Vanguard Zombies Altar of Covenants

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Altar of Covenants
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Described as one of the "biggest innovations in Zombies to date," Covenants are a range of upgrades that can be earned by completing objectives. Once an objective has been completed, players can exchange a Sacrificial Heart at one of the altars to receive a randomly selected upgrade that could provide a huge advantage. Here's a full list of Covenants that will be available to use at launch:

  • Bloodlust: Melee attacks do more damage and heal you.
  • Resurrectionist: Revive allies faster.
  • Brain Rot: Chance to turn enemies to your side.
  • Cryofreeze: Chance to slow enemies.
  • Death Blow: Critical kills return bullets to the clip.
  • Ammo Gremlin: Stowed weapons refill ammo from stock automatically.
  • Dead Accurate: Consecutive hits on the same enemy do more damage.
  • Splatterfest: Enemies killed by explosions may explode.
  • Unholy Ground: Deal more damage while stationary.
  • Cull the Weak: Deal more damage to slowed or stunned enemies.
  • Mother Lode: Chance to keep Equipment after using it.

Players can hold up to three Covenants at any one time and after each objective has been completed, the choice of Covenants randomise, allowing you to switch to different ones to build the strongest combination.

Best Altar of Covenants Combination

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Altar of Covenants
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  • Resurrectionist
  • Dead Accurate
  • Death Blow

This combination of Covenants is incredibly useful when playing with other players. Resurrectionist increases revive time, enabling you to get them back into the action faster while Dead Accurate will allow you to deal more damage onto an opponent if you can land consecutive hits.

The last Covenant we chose is Death Blow. Whenever a critical kill is scored, bullets will return to the magazine, which is ideal if you find yourself running low on ammunition at any point.

Will More Covenants Be Added?

Yes! Treyarch has confirmed that there will be a total of 32 Covenants to use in Vanguard Zombies. Details on when the other 21 will be arriving in the game have yet to be revealed but considering Season 1 is promising new Zombies content, there's every chance some of them are added on December 2nd.

That's everything you need to know about the Altar of Covenants in Vanguard Zombies. For more guides, check out a complete list of Perks in Der Anfang and intel on how the Dark Aether entities work.

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