"Did He Just No Scope?" - ZLaner Snipes Scump With A Crazy Vanguard Shot

Call of Duty: Vanguard brought an opportunity for OpTic Gaming's ZLaner and Scump to go head to head. Zlaner is the new kid on the block, while Scump is known as the king of Call of Duty. Despite being an excellent streamer, ZLaner felt he needed to prove himself to his new teammates.

They both went head to head in a team-based Call of Duty: Vanguard tournament. ZLaner managed to pull off a crazy shot during the five-round match that left everyone baffled in the lobby.

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"Did He Just No Scope?" - ZLaner Snipes Scump With A Crazy Vanguard Shot

In the midst of the second round, ZLaner held his sniper up high. Scump jumped out of nowhere causing ZLaner to immediately shoot and somehow, he managed to take out the OpTic CEO. You can check out the shot for yourself (at 14:21):

Scump recently won a major Warzone tournament last week, taking home $100,000. So, it's kind of amusing seeing the pro speechless by a worldly shot.

But was it luck or skill? It's probably a little of both! ZLaner had the skillset to keep his gun centered while his reaction caused him to hit the trigger button at the right time. However, there's no way he meant to aim in that direction, especially with the spread of a sniper.

More importantly, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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