Pros React To Scump Beating Them In His historic $100k Warzone World Series Win

Seth' Scump' Abner achieved an unthinkable victory in the Call of Duty World Series of Warzone. The victory was certainly historical and is compared to "The Shot" by Michael Jordan during the 1989 NBA Playoffs (that makes Aydan, Craig Ehlo). Everyone has seen it by now, but most want to know what it was like for those that Scump killed.

As Scump came in like a madlad, we have the perspective of the other pros. They barely had time to react to him; he was like a ninja. I find it funny to view it from Scump's perspective and be worried only to realize that everyone else saw him as dominating.

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World series of Warzone win

For those who want to see it from Scump's point of view, we have an article dedicated to it. Let's begin with Aydan who held a hill. He had a perfect position uphill, a riot shield, Almost full health, and knew where Scump was.

It would have been all over if Scump hadn't blind-sighted him with the flashbang. Nevertheless, Scump was able to catch Aydan when he was blind. When Aydan finished second, he was devastated.

Aydan and Scump are good friends, and Aydan later congratulated Scump on the amazing victory.

FormaL was watching and reacted like we'd expect a fanboy to react. Of course, we were all excited at the time:

Dashy could not believe it. He was just blown away for a good minute after.

Repullze was everyone watching at the time. This is a great example of everyone watching Scump in the last few minutes. Scump showed me wrong by annihilating his opponents without a riot shield, which I thought was crazy of him.

My favorite part is when it was Aydan vs. Scump. The two are constantly competing in fun matches, and their talent can only be matched by the best. This was an insane victory that the community would never forget. Congratulations Scump, and thank you for the insane clutch.

These clips were found by my friend Jacob Hale at Dexerto.

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