Vanguard Players Request Call of Duty WWII Maps for Season 4

Despite launching with a wide variety of multiplayer maps, Vanguard players often express their frustrations with the various battlefields.

The Season 3 update introduces Mayhem as the latest addition to the map pool and while the replica of the Godzilla film set features a unique layout, many aren't happy with the current rotation.

With some players already turning their attention to the launch of Season 4, they're calling on Sledgehammer Games to add popular maps from Call of Duty: World War 2 in a bid to inject another dose of variety into multiplayer.

Vanguard Players Want COD WWII Maps in Season 4

The 2017 release welcomed a return to classic boots on the ground gameplay after three years of advanced movement mechanics. While it wasn't the best instalment in the franchise, World War 2 did feature an impressive map pool ideal for casual and competitive players.

In a recent Reddit post, user 'mluxr' questions why there's a lack of classic maps within Vanguard multiplayer mentioning the likes of London Docks, Sainte Marie du Mont, and Ardennes Forest would make solid additions.

The idea of a dedicated "map pack" containing classic maps is a long shot considering Activision's switch to seasonal content drops but many like the idea of old maps making an appearance once again. "Flak Tower, please," begs one user.

While some hope Sledgehammer Games is listening to player feedback, others aren't so sure Vanguard will receive many maps as its cycle begins to wind down. "Given the apparent shift in focus from Vanguard to Warzone this season, I'm not sure if we'll get too many more," writes another commenter.

With Season 4 a few weeks away, there's always a chance the likes of London Docks will appear so we will wait and see what's in store.

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