Will Call of Duty Vanguard Have Skill-based Matchmaking?

With a few days left until the release of Season 1 for Call of Duty: Vanguard, players are still wondering whether the game will have skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) or not. Information on the controversial feature has never officially been confirmed by Sledgehammer Games, but many assume that SBMM is included in Vanguard multiplayer.

Players have mixed feelings when it comes to SBMM in Call of Duty titles. Developers have claimed that SBMM has been a part of the franchise ever since Black Ops 2. Will this feature in Vanguard prove to be detrimental or will it be a pleasant surprise for the players? Here’s what we know.

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What Is Skill-based Matchmaking?

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SBMM is a queuing system implemented in major multiplayer video games. It groups the players at a similar skill level in the same match to provide a balanced and fair experience to every player. The feature analyzes the players’ previous performances and matches them accordingly with players having similar K/D ratios along with other analytical stats.

This feature became a hot topic of conversation when players were quick to discover its presence in 2019's Modern Warfare. SBMM is a controversial feature as the casual player base tends to love it while the higher-tier players criticize it. The top players are constantly put in matches with players of their skill and each match feels harder than it should be.

Will Vanguard Have SBMM?

Sledgehammer Games has yet to release an official statement regarding SBMM in Vanguard but most players have realized that SBMM will be an integral part of the upcoming game, thanks to the Vanguard beta.

The suspicions were further put to rest even before the beta's launch, by Call of Duty leaker ‘TheMW2Ghost’. “I'm shocked at how many replies I get and see asking if SBMM is going to be in #Vanguard”, they said in a Tweet addressing players’ concerns. “So, YES. It'll be in the game and it'll be the same as it is in Cold War.”, they further added.

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