What Is The Name Of COD 2021?

Although Black Ops Cold War and Warzone are about to reach the halfway stage of Season 2, Call of Duty players and fans are already looking towards the next instalment of the popular first-person shooter franchise.

Ever since publisher Activision confirmed that 2021 will feature the release of a “premium Call of Duty title” but having visited several settings and used a variety of different names, what exactly is the name of COD 2021?

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COD 2021 Title


Call of Duty 2021 title
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Although the only official information surrounding the release of COD 2021 is that it will be released during the latter half of the year, several leaks and rumours have emerged and may have revealed what the game will be named.

Throughout the history of the franchise, several titles have featured ‘Warfare’ whether it's Modern Warfare, Advanced Warfare, or even Infinite Warfare.

With that in mind, there’s a strong possibility that some correlation between the setting of the game and Warfare will be used to create the title.

Guerrilla Warfare


COD 2021 Guerrilla Warfare
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Some rumours have reported that COD 2021 will be called ‘Guerrilla Warfare’ and the game will be set in the 1950s, a period in history that has yet to be explored by a Call of Duty title.

This time period is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. The Second World War had come to an end and the beginning of the Cold War was in full effect. North America was playing an instrumental role in the Korean War and in 1955, they entered Vietnam.

With plenty of interesting conflicts taking place, could COD 2021 feature there?

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A World War 2 Sequel


COD 2021 World War 2 Sequel
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Other leaks are pointing towards another title set in World War 2.

It’s widely believed that Sledgehammer Games will be spearheading development on COD 2021, and considering the last game they developed was World War 2, a potential sequel to the 2017 release could well be on the cards.

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