Strange Visual Bug Transforms Vanguard Into Rave

Bugs and glitches rarely appear within Vanguard multiplayer thanks to the efforts of Sledgehammer Games. While certain players display their hacks during a competitive match, the chances of encountering a game-breaking issue are surprisingly low.

With players continuing to master the Nikita AVT assault rifle and the M1916 marksman rifle, certain problems are starting to appear much to the annoyance of players.

The latest issue to appear involves a bizarre visual bug transforming maps into brightly coloured arenas that make it extremely difficult to navigate and spot any potential opponents. The colours are so bright they wouldn't look out of place in a nightclub.

Vanguard Neon Visual Glitch

During a match on Dome, the small nature of the map often causes plenty of chaos without colours disorientating players attempting to gain the upper hand over the opposition. After spawning underneath the balcony, Reddit user 'McGitGud,' shows several bright colours transform the map, making it very difficult to see any form of action taking place.

The player continues to play despite the glitch and after a few seconds, the strobe effects prove too much to handle. Due to the flashing lights, the clip isn't suitable for people with epilepsy so if you want to view the video, click here.

Vanguard Neon Glitch Fix

Unfortunately, it appears that there are no workarounds for the bright colours impacting matches. Some commenters suggest a complete reinstall of the game but there's no guarantee of the glitch not appearing.

Although some Vanguard maps lack a diverse palette of colour, this particular glitch goes from one extreme to the next. With it impacting players throughout the early stages of Season 3, it's likely Sledgehammer Games is already working on a fix.

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