Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer To Feature Combat Pacing

Now the first trailer revealing Call of Duty: Vanguard is out there, a wealth of details surrounding various elements of the game have been unveiled, much to the excitement of the community. With multiplayer featuring 20 maps at launch, Sledgehammer Games has revealed that Vanguard's multiplayer will contain Combat Pacing, giving players even more choice as to how they want to experience the game and a variety of playstyles.

According to the developer, the new addition will filter multiplayer into three different options, each offering a unique way to play.

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COD Vanguard Combat Pacing

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The three Combat Pacing options are:

  • Tactical
  • Standard
  • Blitz

Tactical is said to resemble the Hardcore playlists that have featured in previous Call of Duty titles. With this filter selected, the time to kill has increased meaning every bullet could turn the tide of a match. Standard will feel extremely familiar to those that play Core multiplayer that has been a staple of the franchise for years.

The third and final pace to play Vanguard is known as Blitz. This filter is aimed at the casual player base combined with plenty of high-octane gameplay to get stuck into. Blitz sees a huge number of players squeezed into the map and has been described as "all-out chaos."

Combat Pacing certainly sounds like a lot of fun and with a huge number of maps available at launch, Vanguard multiplayer could be one of the best COD multiplayers ever released.

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