Terra Maledicta Easter Egg: How to Complete and Full Walkthrough

Zombies has become a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, providing players with a unique alternative to the usual additions of a single-player campaign and fast-paced multiplayer. While Black Ops Cold War's undead experience ticked several boxes, the next part of the Dark Aether storyline hosted on Vanguard missed the mark due to a number of reasons.

The Season 2 update contains a wealth of brand-new content for Der Anfang, much to the delight of the community. With the likes of the Ray Gun returning, Treyarch is doing its best to rescue Vanguard Zombies from the clutches of defeat.

Terra Maledicta is the latest area to appear in Vanguard Zombies and to everyone's delight, there is an Easter Egg quest to complete. With that said, find out how to complete the Terra Maledicta Easter Egg with our complete walkthrough.

Vanguard Zombies Terra Maledicta Easter Egg
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Terra Maledicta Easter Egg Walkthrough

As with most Zombies Easter Eggs, there are a series of elaborate and convoluted steps to follow in order to reach the end. The complexity of the steps varies but the reward at the end is certainly worth it. Here's a full step-by-step guide on how to finish it.

  1. Reach Round 3 and head to the 'Temple' area. Once there, begin the objective.
  2. With the objective completed, find the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon. Head to the 'Merchant Road' area of the map to find it and to start the story.
  3. After acknowledging the request, complete all of the objectives to open up the rest of the map.
  4. Advance to the 'Demonic Frenzy' fountain then interact with the smoking rune nearby.
  5. Move into the blue portal and complete the 'Purge' objective that will begin.
  6. Around the map are four yellow crystals. Find them and shoot them.
  7. Once step six is complete, move to the ground floor of the 'Bazaar.' There's another mysterious rune. Interact with it.
  8. A green portal will open after interacting with the second rune. Move through it and complete the 'Sacrifice' objective.
  9. After completing the mission, pick up the Decimator Shield as the reward.
  10. Head to the 'Debris Field' where you'll find another rune located next to a small wooden platform. Interact with it and make your way through the portal.
  11. When completing the 'Void' objective, you can use the Decimator Blast ability. Use it to destroy four connectors holding the floating tome.
  12. Interact with the 'Tome Page' to teleport back to the main hub.
  13. Collect the loot and continue the game!
Vanguard Zombies Terra Maledicta Easter Egg Walkthrough
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Terra Maledicta Easter Egg Rewards

The rewards earned will help players looking to reach the higher rounds of a Vanguard Zombies match. Rewards range from Salvage, game-changing Killstreaks, Armour, Equipment, and more.

The rewards will allow you to kill groups of undead opposition with ease in addition to Essence that enables you to Pack-a-Punch weapons at a faster rate, giving you even more firepower in the battle against Kortifex.

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