Two Multiplayer Maps Arriving in Vanguard Season 2

The multiplayer maps that launched with Vanguard received a mixed reception from players. Some liked the unique layouts while others preferred a more traditional three-lane structure.

Ahead of Season 2, Activision has revealed the upcoming content drop will contain two all-new maps in a bid to spice up the existing pool. Based on the descriptions of the new battlegrounds, Sledgehammer Games has listened to the feedback.

Described as "three-lane-style" maps, Casablanca and Gondola will play host to the fast-paced, high-octane action synonymous with the Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty Vanguard Season 2 Maps
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Vanguard Season 2 Maps

As mentioned above, the names of the maps are Casablanca and Gondola. The first is set in a bustling marketplace situated in Morocco's capital city featuring elements of verticality creating long-distance vantage points for sniper rifles and LMGs. In addition, the market itself will play host to close-quarters engagements as players smash through wooden panels to gain access to small buildings.

Gondola also features its fair share of vertical elements alongside a fully-functioning cable car that travels above the action below. Make sure to jump off before it heads over the edge of a cliff!

Are The Vanguard Season 2 Maps Good?

Based on the descriptions and screenshots, it's tricky to determine whether the maps will play well once they appear in Vanguard. Knowing they have a three-lane design is a huge positive and if the spawn logic is good, players could find Gondola and Casablanca at the top of their lists.

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