Treyarch Reveals Vanguard Ranked Play Quit Punishments

Vanguard players have welcomed the recent arrival of Ranked Play, giving members of the community a place focused on competitive action.

While many continue to enjoy working their way through the ranks, players often quit matches, leaving their teammates at a huge disadvantage.

Ahead of the Season 2.5 update, Treyarch has unveiled new measures in a bid to discourage players from leaving a match. Prior to the small update, players could get away with quitting a match before jumping back into the action. Now, players will lose SR and Ladder Points for leaving a match early.

Vanguard Ranked Play Quit Punishments
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Vanguard Ranked Play Quit Punishments

On February 28, the developer unveiled the changes through a Twitter post stating players will lose Skill Rating in addition to Ladder Points if they choose to disband from a match.

The change is acting as a deterrent as it will discourage players from leaving a game even if they're losing. The point loss caused by quitting will outweigh that of those that choose to stay in a game until the very end.

The addition was met with plenty of approval from players, with New York Subliners player James 'Clayster' Eubanks sharing his thoughts alongside further improvements to Ranked Play. "Would appreciate a surrender option if someone lags out mid-game as well as tuning the pre-game timer," suggested the three-time world champion.

Is Vanguard Ranked Play Good?

Compared to some variations of a competitive playlist, Vanguard Ranked Play is a significant improvement. In my opinion, earning stars and placing on a ladder doesn't matter compared to the SR and ranking earned.

With Treyarch clearly focusing on developing the mode, it's only going to get better.

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