Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign: Operation Tonga Walkthrough

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llFollowing on from the conclusion of Phoenix, you're thrown straight into Operation Tonga, the second mission in the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign. While on the back of a Nazi transporter, Kingsley begins to retell the events of Operation Tonga, the codename given to the airborne operation as part of the D-Day landings.

After being separated from his team, Kingsley needed to evade Nazi capture in order to regroup and complete the mission of weakening the coastal defence system. In this guide, find a complete mission walkthrough along with some handy tips and tricks that will help you beat it on Veteran difficulty.


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Operation Tonga Mission Walkthrough

Operation Tonga Call of Duty Vanguard

While flying over Merville, Kingsley is being briefed on his objective and as he jumps out of the plane, his parachute catches fire and plummets to the ground. The reserve chute slows his fall into the sea and managed to climb out to some kind of safety.

Reach The Windmill

Operation Tonga Call of Duty Vanguard Walkthrough

The first objective is to regroup with the allies that are located at the burning windmill. Head right into the woods to find some cover from the heavy Nazi presence. A soldier will shine their torch so be sure to stay hidden to avoid any unwanted attention. Once the light has disappeared, continue moving through the woods and you'll encounter an ally hanging from a tree before being murdered.


Kill the soldier and grab the Kar98k they drop onto the ground. This will come in handy to deal with the lone soldier alerted to your location. Once they've been taken care of, head up the hill towards an open field littered with opposition.

Operation Tonga Mission Walkthrough Call of Duty Vanguard

Tip: Traversing the field can be done without alerting many of the soldiers. Pick them off one-by-one using a Takedown.

Prior to entering the house, head towards the truck to retrieve some bullets for the sniper. Once loaded into the chamber, enter the house where you'll come under fire from more soldiers. Use the few bullets from the sniper to eliminate them and grab another dropped weapon with more bullets to deal with the rest of the opposition outside.

With the pathway clear, head up the hill to the burning windmill where a wave of gunfire is attacking the allies that are already there.

Operation Tonga Mission Walkthrough

Once the small building is clear of any hostile presence, Richard Webb and the rest of his squad will be there. After a fiery debate, Webb eventually agrees to finish the original mission of destroying the turrets. After a short walk, you see the rest of the job at hand. Advance down the pathway and you'll be given two attacking options. Select one and eliminate the resistance in your way.


An MG will unleash an unrelenting wave of gunfire. To prevent it from killing you, use the box of smoke grenades and drop some in front of it to block the view. With that dealt with for the time being, head left and command the squad to push through any soldiers ahead.

Operation Tonga Mission Walkthrough

After clearing any kind of enemy presence, advance along the bridge and just as it looks like you've reached safety, another MG will appear. Throw a grenade at it to destroy it with ease. Underneath the archway is a German troop transporter. Get in the back to trigger a short cutscene.

Reach The Gun Battery

Once the cutscene has concluded, head to Webb to plan the next course of attack. Using the binoculars, scan the clifftop to assess the situation. With a formulated plan, enter the truck and drive it into the minefield. Don't forget to bail out!

Operation Tonga Mission Walkthrough

With the defences clear, enter the trench for some much-needed cover against the Axis machine gunners. At your command, rally the troops and charge towards the gun battery.


Tip: Head through the field towards the left side. There's a small piece of cover that's perfect for regrouping if you're low on health.

Command the troops to clear the bunker then head up the stairs to open the double doors. This next part involves moving at speed otherwise it's a trip straight back to the last checkpoint. Work your way through the trenches until you reach two transporters. Use them as cover until the squad regroups. Having commandeered two half-tracks, stick behind them and advance up the hill to the next bunker.

Operation Tonga Mission Walkthrough

Once any remaining troops have been cleared, head towards a small window where there's another MG attempting to stop the offence. Signal one of your men to throw some white phosphorous through the window to stop the gunfire. With the bunker clear, follow Evans towards the locked door.

Tip: A Torch can be found on the ground close to where Evans is standing.

With a torch in hand, follow Evans to the corridor towards the first of the two gun battery cannons. Approach it to plant the explosives.

Once the explosive has been planted, regroup with Evans and open the green door to continue deeper into the bunker. Two soldiers will attempt to ambush you so be aware of a potential bayonet charge. Continue through the bunker and open the second green door. As you make your way through the sleeping quarters, a soldier will attempt to kill Evans. A swift melee attack will keep him alive.

As you get close to the staircase, a grenade will suddenly appear. Wait for it to detonate before moving any further. After checking the room is clear, open the third green door to reach the second and final gun battery cannon.

With the explosive primed and ready, head up the ladder and prepare the flare ready to signal the end to a successful operation. Upon firing, the flare appears to be ruptured, leaving you unable to prevent the bombardment from launching. As mortar fire rains down, sprint towards the location of Webb.

Tip: Ignore any enemies trying to shoot you. If you spend too long, you'll be blown up by the mortars.

As you near Webb's location, a mortar will knock you to the ground, leaving you dazed and confused. Once the effects wear off, head down the stairs where an injured Webb will be lying on the ground. Grab the flare gun and fire it into the air.



There you have it, that's how to complete Operation Tonga. For more Vanguard intel, find the best audio settings to use in our comprehensive guide.