"New Guns Does Not Equal New Content" - CouRageJD Says Warzone Needs A Better Season Changes Ahead Of Vanguard

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UPDATE: Video was removed from CourageJD's channel by WMG

Jack' CourageJD' Dunlop returned to Warzone to stream the Vanguard update with Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff, Timothy 'TimTheTatman' Betar, and Dennis 'Cloakzy' Lepore. He may have previously left, but he claims still to be a fan of the Call of Duty series. Before his friends could arrive, he gave some harsh truths about the series that he wants to see fixed.


CourageJD gave some hard truth about Warzone ahead of the Vanguard reveal. He commented on how the updates are mostly just cosmetic and don't do much to the game. He also said that Fortnite and Apex Legends do so much more than Warzone to keep players interested.

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CourageJD Vanguard Reveal Stream

According to CourageJD, Call of Duty is his favorite game franchise and is his most lucrative. The stream is live, so I can't put any specific time to go to. It takes CourageJD about ten minutes into this stream to mention that Vanguard needs to implement some fixes. This is an excellent stream that delves into other conversations about battle royales.


NOTE: Video has been removed from CourageJD's channel by WMG. I don't recall there being any music, but they got him for it.

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Vanguard is supposed to be the big game that comes with the major update. Updates will include an anti-cheat feature, new maps, and more. Activision tweeted out confirmation of new updates for PC.


According to CourageJD, Vanguard needs real updates, and Warzone hasn't been updated at all. In his own words:

"They need more consistence updates of the game of substance. I have no played this season of Warzone… I haven't even opened the battle pass... I know nothing of it... I am almost certain that if I loaded up this Call of Duty map right now and opened battle royale, 99.9% of the map would be the same… The reason why the Call of Duty New Season Hype goes away almost instantly is because there's nothing to be hyped about… This is where I think Warzone has been really mistaken is new guns does not equal new content or that much new content. All the guns at the end of the day really shoot and function the same in Warzone."

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Because Warzone hasn't changed much compared to other games, Vanguard must save it. Irrespective of whether it helps Warzone or not, Vanguard is going to be a huge game-changer. Hold-outs will have their answers after Vanguard about whether to stay in Warzone or leave.