JGod Shows Off Blind Fire, Mounting Strafe Mechanics, And More New Features From Vanguard

It's clear that Call of Duty: Vanguard is doing things differently and introducing gameplay changes that viewers didn't notice before. Although the trailer seemed to offer little information other than a sneak peek into the campaign, it actually revealed a lot. With his inside knowledge, JGod breaks down the Vanguard trailer and explains the new features.

According to the streamer, Warzone players will also benefit from the Vanguard update. Blind fire will change the entire landscape of the games if this is true. While I can't imagine that pros will be pleased with people killing them out of luck, it's just one of the cool new features.

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New features in Vanguard

The trailer for Vanguard is literally paused and played as JGod dissects every detail about the new game. He caught so much, and everyone else missed so much. This game has a lot of new features, like the destructible environment.

Here's the video:

It's worth watching from beginning to end because there are so many features that JGod goes over that aren't shown in the trailer. He also discusses why pros and streamers will immediately break it.

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Even I am weary of the blind fire, which I keep mentioning. A player can shoot quickly without getting hit due to the speed at which they can blind fire. Therefore, being invulnerable while shooting.

Pros could easily abuse this, and quickly at that. Blind fire gives them time to get good shots in, and they can aim in less than a second. This will likely be nerfed soon after release.

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