Call of Duty: Vanguard Stalingrad Campaign Demo - 3 Things You May Have Missed

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As Sledgehammer Games continues to reveal information on Call of Duty: Vanguard, the anticipation surrounding the next instalment of the popular first-person shooter franchise is beginning to build, much to the excitement of the community that is never afraid to express its opinion. During Opening Night Live for Gamescom 2021, we got our very first look at Vanguard's single-player campaign in action.

The mission named 'Stalingrad Summer' shows Polina attempting to evade capture from the enemy after it unleashed a relentless wave of fighter planes firing down onto the city. With so much happening, it wouldn't be surprising if some fans missed out on various details that appeared, so we've found three key areas that you may have missed.


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Plenty of Colour

Stalingrad With Sandbags In Front of Buildings And A Dark Green Vehicle On The Road

In comparison to 2017's World War 2, Vanguard contains a significantly improved palate of colours which can be seen prior to the fighter jets opening fire onto the city. One of the main criticisms of World War 2 was the lack of colour and based on the campaign demo, Sledgehammer Games has taken the feedback on board to create a visually stunning recreation of Stalingrad.


As the enemy planes begin the assault, the bright colours are quickly extinguished into a range of dark greys and oranges as fire starts to engulf the wooden interiors of various buildings within the area. The quick contrast from the bright colours to the darkness adds to the story as Polina attempts to evade capture at all costs.

Re-Worked Gunplay

Kar98k sniper rifle scoped in on a soldier

As Polina opens fire on the group of soldiers holding civilians against a wall, there's a huge amount of recoil which causes the Kar98k to kick upwards and to the left, contrasting to the current model of the rifle which features in 2019's Modern Warfare and Warzone. If players attempt to perform a second shot shortly after the first, it's highly likely that its accuracy will be heavily influenced, making it much more of a challenge to use.


The same can be said for the STG assault rifle which Polina obtains later on in the mission. While the levels of recoil are significantly less than the Kar98, the muzzle flash when firing the rifle in a dimly lit room is certainly disorientating. With plenty of dark areas, there's every chance that the muzzle flash will be used by players during a multiplayer match to determine the location of an opponent.

Varying Levels of Destruction

Zoomed in shotgun through small gap between two wooden planks

The demo showcases varying levels of destruction ranging from the collapse of nearby buildings to smaller details such as bullets piercing wooden furniture as Polina deals with soldiers attempting to halt her escape. There have been several rumours surrounding the addition of destruction to multiplayer, and while the focus of the trailer is on the campaign, the trailer does provide a small glimpse as to how it will work.


Polina uses a shotgun to eliminate soldiers from the other side of a slightly barricaded entrance before bursting through the remaining structure to access the next room. It may not be as dramatic as the buildings toppling to the ground, but it will give players the opportunity to navigate through structures in innovative ways as well as the possibility to create all kinds of clever sightlines in order to get the upper hand over their opponents.

Was there anything else we missed from the Vanguard trailer? Do let us know what you spotted on Twitter! For more Vanguard intel, check out our dedicated hub containing all the latest news, leaks, rumours, and more.