How To Rank up Fast in Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard is our across all platforms and millions of players are jumping into the latest multiplayer offering developed by Sledgehammer Games. With the start of Season 1 fast approaching, players are grinding through the pre-season levels in a bid to reach third Prestige.

Just like previous titles, there are multiple ways to level up quickly in Call of Duty Vanguard, with challenges to complete, weapons to rank up, and kills to be scored in multiplayer and Zombies. With that said, these are the fastest ways to level up quickly in Call of Duty Vanguard!

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How to Rank Up Fast In Call of Duty Vanguard

How To Rank Up Fast In Call of Duty Vanguard
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There are numerous challenge categories to work through in Vanguard ranging from Boot Camp to Tactician. Each challenge contains a number of Tiers where thousands of XP can be earned for minimal effort. Some of the easier challenges require a specific number of kills scored in a match while such as scoring 15 kills without dying can prove to be more tricky.

Nonetheless, challenges in Vanguard are an excellent way to rank up as fast as possible.

Play The Objective

Players can receive some added XP on top of all the kills they get during their game. While fighting with your opponents, players can attack, capture, and defend certain objectives that will lead to giving them small bonuses of XP. To make it simple, objective game modes are the best for boosting XP.

Complete Daily Challenges

Completing daily challenges are quite a simple way to level up faster in Call of Duty Vanguard. These challenges often take a minimal amount of in-game time and are actually one of the easiest ways of earning XP.

Although, completing the daily challenges before they reset is important and players need to be aware of when they reset so they can repeat the process to quickly increase their level.

Complete Weapon Challenges

Players need to use a variety of weapons in order to complete the specific challenges in-game for receiving bonus XP. If they complete landmark challenges, they can quickly work their way through the levels.

XP Tokens

The trick to using XP tokens is to use them where the games are very short or either very long and are filled with lots of fast-paced action. Players can combine the tokens with a double XP weekend to earn four times the amount of XP that you would normally obtain from a match.

A well-timed XP token when towards the higher levels is a great way to move through them quickly, before reaching the top rank.

There you have it, follow these tips and you will hit the top rank in no time at all! For more Vanguard guides, check out our definitive assault rifle tier list and everything you need to know about the first season of post-launch content.

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