Vanguard Hacker Caught After Showing Cheats During Stream

Cheating in Vanguard is on the rise, much to the annoyance of players still waiting on the arrival of Ricochet anti-cheat. Whether it's in standard multiplayer, Ranked Play, or matches where cash is on the line, wallhacks and aimbots are becoming a common feature.

As players get to grips with the new content in the Season 2 Reloaded update, players often expose hackers in a variety of ways. On some occasions, it's the actual hacker that somehow shares their guilty secret.

During a wager match, one player did just that. Rather than proving their innocence, they exposed their red boxes to the entire community.

Vanguard Hacker Exposes Cheats
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Vanguard Hacker Exposes Cheats

The player known as 'Kenji' was broadcasting a 2v2 tournament against 'iLuhvly' and 'Sasuke' and it wasn't long before the duo became suspicious of their opponent. In a bid to clear their name, Kenji shared a camera showing their monitor while they played and rather than clearing their name, the bright red boxes confirmed cheats were in use.

What's even worse is that the cheats don't even save Kenji from losing the deciding engagement. As a result, the player was banned from Checkmate Gaming immediately, much to the delight of iLuhvly and Sasuke who went on to win the entire tournament.

When Will Vanguard Get Anti-cheat?

While Warzone benefits from the inclusion of Ricochet anti-cheat, it's still unclear when Vanguard will receive the anti-cheat. Judging by this recent example, it won't be hard to catch those using cheats to gain an unfair advantage during a match.

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