Vanguard Players Unhappy With Futuristic Blueprints

When Call of Duty fans realised Vanguard would take the franchise back to a World War 2 setting, many were left disappointed after several years of modern and near-futuristic settings.

With many expecting a somewhat realistic experience, the likes of Snoop Dogg and characters from Attack on Titan have detracted from the time period much to the annoyance of the community.

With Season 3 on its way, players are expressing their frustrations following the appearance of futuristic weapon blueprints that look completely out of place on the battlefields of Vanguard multiplayer.

Vanguard Mecha Menace Mastercraft Bundle
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Vanguard Mechanised Blueprint

Prior to the launch of Season 1, Sledgehammer Games managed to maintain Vanguard's aesthetic but after nearly two full seasons of post-launch content, the developer has opted for more unique cosmetic items that wouldn't look out of place within Infinite Warfare.

Reddit user 'VonBurglestein' shared the new blueprint saying "they really nailed the WW2 aesthetic."

Vanguard Mecha Blueprint
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Many were quick to comment on the now-deleted post. One user couldn't "believe they keep adding these bulls**t skins to the game," while another added they're "glad" there are no Trophy Systems within the game to ruin immersion.

Will Vanguard Get a Trophy System?

While players get to grips with the futuristic blueprints, many are hoping for the arrival of a Trophy System to prevent grenade spam during matches. Despite the demand, it doesn't look like Sledgehammer Games plans on adding the Field Upgrade anytime soon.

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