How to Get the Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon in Vanguard Zombies

Season 2 of Vanguard is well underway, much to the delight of Zombies fans that have waited for new content to arrive. Since its launch, the latest chapter of the Dark Aether story has failed to build on the success of Black Ops Cold War Zombies but the latest season of post-launch content aims to improve the mode.

The most recent patch notes revealed a wealth of brand-new content ranging from the return of the Ray Gun to an all-new Easter Egg quest set on Terra Maledicta.

In addition to the Easter Egg, players can get their hands on a brand-new Wonder Weapon known as the Decimator Shield. The shield is capable of dealing damage alongside providing additional protection against the endless hordes of undead. In this guide, find out how to unlock the Decimator Shield and all of its uses.

Vanguard Zombies Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon
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What Is A Decimator Shield?

The Decimator Shield provides a further layer of protection against any Zombies that get too close for comfort. In addition to its shielding ability, players can use its Decimator Blast to deal damage to large groups of undead opposition.

How to Unlock Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon

Unlike the Ray Gun, the Decimator Shield can't be earned by spending Essence in the Mystery Box. Instead, players must complete a variety of steps before getting their hands on the Wonder Weapon. Here are the steps you need to complete:

  1. Load into the Terra Maledicta map and head through a portal. Complete the objective.
  2. Head back to the main area and choose another portal to enter. Complete another objective.
  3. Once completed, the Dark Aether entity known as Vercanna will determine whether you're worthy of possessing the shield. Make your way to the Green Fountain.
  4. Interact with the Speaking Stone found next to the 'Demonic Frenzy' power-up.
  5. Enter the portal and complete the 'Purge' objective.
  6. Return to the main area and head through another portal to complete yet another objective.
  7. When complete, make your way back to the main area. Find the glowing stones and shoot them.
  8. Head to the Speaking Stone by the yellow fountain found in the 'Bazaar'.
  9. Advance through the portal and protect the Syphoncores while their sacrifices charge the Decimator Shield.
  10. After completing the task, return to the main area of the map to equip the Decimator Shield.
Vanguard Zombies Decimator Shield Wonder Weapon
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Is The Decimator Shield Good in Vanguard Zombies?

The arrival of the Decimator Shield to Zombies is a welcome change from the incredibly powerful guns that often appear. For those looking to work their way towards the higher rounds, the Decimator Shield is an essential piece of equipment in order to fend off the undead.

The Decimator Blast is particularly useful to clear large groups of enemies, making it very easy to work your way out of a corner that's difficult to escape. Combine the Decimator Shield with a Pack-a-Punched weapon or an upgraded Ray Gun for the ultimate Zombie-slaying loadout!

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