Crimsix Reveals Competitive Vanguard May Not Have Third Mode

Call of Duty Vanguard has been out for a few months and since its launch back in November 2021, there has been little to no information surrounding the 2022 Call of Duty League (CDL) season. The Vanguard season is slated to start at the beginning of February but several players competing in one of the 12 franchises have raised concerns surrounding the current competitive state of the game.

One particular issue involves Control, the game mode widely expected to be the third competitive mode to appear in the CDL but according to three-time world champion Ian "Crimsix" Porter, there's a chance that it won't be used at all.

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No Control In Competitive Vanguard

Call of Duty League No Control Game Mode
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No Control in competitive Vanguard?!

The third game mode in competitive Call of Duty has often changed. On some occasions, Domination has been the mode of choice alongside the likes of Capture the Flag and Uplink but in recent seasons, Control has been the third map of a typical best-of-five series. When asked about what the third mode will be, Crimsix revealed that three Search & Destroy matches may be included instead of a unique third mode.

"They (Sledgehammer Games) can't seem to figure out control," he revealed. With the Kickoff Classic taking place on January 21st, the Vanguard developer has a limited amount of time before the competitive season gets underway if Control is going to be used. Many influential figures within competitive CoD have spoken out on the lack of competitive support for Vanguard and it looks like that support won't be arriving anytime soon if what Crimsix says is correct.

Will There Be A Third Game Mode?

The CDL ruleset still lists Control as one of the three modes but if Sledgehammer Games is unable to fix the issues within the game, three S&D matches might be the only way for some form of competition to take place. With so much uncertainty and a lack of support for competitive Call of Duty, the third season of the CDL could well be the most interesting.

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