Call of Duty Zombies: Standalone Title Rumoured

The Outbreak event in Call of Duty has been a massive hit with fans, but it may be hinting at something much bigger...

Recent leaks on Twitter have us hoping for something much more expansive for the Zombies game mode.

What to Expect

Activision may be planning a standalone Zombies title for the Call of Duty franchise.

This would stand in line with the direction they seem to be heading, with their current stnadalone title Call of Duty Warzone.

After the Outbreak event in COD, we may see this type of gamemode become a permanent feature in the Zombies title alongside the vanilla experience. 

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If Activision do go down this route, it's likely they'll follow a similar development structure to Warzone with frequent updates to gameplay and cosmetics through the seasonal model. 


The leaks and speculations come from @_Tom_Henderson_ on Twitter

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Tom Henderson is known for being pretty spot on when it comes to Call of Duty news and leaks, so we hope the information he is teasing is true. 

He has mentioned a Zombies title before now, but we're still waiting for some solid info from Activision. 

Release Date

Unfortuenatly, there is no release date for a Zombies title as of yet. However, the Call of Duty 2021 title still hasn't been announced.

There's a chance this Zombies game may release this year alongside the upcoming COD title. 

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The Black Ops Cold War announcement trailer released late August last year, meaning we may not hear any new Call of Duty news until August 2021. 

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