Call Of Duty Pro Huke Opens Up About Adderall Usage and move from Dallas Empire To LA Thieves

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In a dramatic turn of events, multi-time COD champion Cutler "Huke" Garland opened up about his Adderall abuse in a YouTube video. The current LA Thieves pro admitted his fault after the rising controversy in the COD League circuit after his latest championship victory.

The gaming community and the COD League is no stranger to the use and abuse of Adderall. Although it is frowned upon, it has become a rather common phenomenon in competitive circuits.

The Call Of Duty 2020 World champion also spoke about his recent move to LA Thieves, and his time at Dallas Empire. The 21-year-old pro also admitted that he has been using Adderall, on and off, since he was 18.


"I was sitting there, comparing it to when I first won, when I was 16 years old. When I was completely sober. I still say it every single time, when I won as a 16-year-old, it was a feeling you cannot put it in words."

Huke spoke about a lot of things in his video explaining his situation, and how he is dealing with it. He described how using the drug was taking its toll on him, and how winning with its help didn't feel the same.

"If I felt that good in 16, why can't I do it now" - Call Of Duty Champion Huke opens up about Adderall usage

Huke recently joined the LA Thieves after getting benched by his former team Dallas Empire. The young CDL champion spoke about his time at Dallas and also revealed why he was benched in the first place.

Huke started the CDL 2021 season keeping aside all his vices. He wanted a fresh start, and it was going great for the young pro at first.

"Basically, it wasn't doing anything good for me, and I realized it that night. I won that event with Adderall and just the feeling afterward, you know, it wasn't that great."

However, it was only a matter of time before everyone started noticing behavioral changes. He mentions that he started getting called out on a lot of things, and it wasn't going to be easy.

"That whole Stage 1, I was doing my thing, I was playing good, my communication was on point, everything was good. This is when things started to get a little bit weird down the road."

Huke says that after their defeat a teammate called him and asked him about his new habits, which included healthier food, cold showers, and meditation. He didn't want to mention the teammate's name as the pro is simply wanted to explain his side of the story.

"Season 2, Stage 2 over at Dallas Empire, it was getting a little hard."

Huke said that he started getting called out on a lot of things. Specifically, things that were related to his new behavioral patterns, and this didn't bode well with his teammates.

"I was like, okay, maybe I am being too positive, and I started to believe a lot of the things I was being told by my teammates and the environment. And it really got to my head."

He highlighted in his video that it was his brother who informed him about his situation with Dallas Empire. Huke knew he had to improve on his performance, but he did not expect to get benched by Dallas Empire.

"This year, maybe I was a bit down during Stage 2, and no one really reached out to me. Actually, no one reached out to me and tried to lift me up."

Huke's Move from Dallas Empire to LA Thieves

Huke soon shifted to LA Thieves, but that didn't stop the rumors from spreading. The pro mentions that a healthy lifestyle and positive change in demeanor were criticized through rumors of failing to recover from Adderall usage.

"I was actually like pissed because that's not right. For people to really believe that in the pro scene, and no one has said a single word to me about any of that in two months. That was my biggest thing! No one said a single word to me, and all it really is because I was making positive changes in my life."

He concluded the video by highlighting how rumors about his change spread like wildfire, and no one called him to speak about it. He explained that he took Adderall to keep up with the pressure in the Call Of Duty pro circuit.

This phenomenon has become far too common in the Call Of Duty League, as young pros often take up unhealthy habits to keep up with the pressure. Although Huke doesn't mention anyone by name, this subject has been at the epicenter of debate in the COD community.
Hopefully, this brave action from the young pro to open up about his issues will inspire others to put forward their side of the story.