Vanguard Players Claim Operators Are "Boring"

Operators are a staple of the Call of Duty franchise after being introduced when 2019's Modern Warfare launched. Featuring numerous factions, a variety of characters have made appearances since Vanguard launched in November 2021.

As Season 2 nears, some players have claimed that the current set of Operators is "boring" compared to previous games despite each of the 12 characters having a compelling backstory.

Members of the community that aren't fans of Vanguard's Operators explained how older Operators were more enticing thanks to some being part of an enemy faction, a feature that doesn't exist in Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard Operators
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Vanguard Operators Are "Boring"

While some players appreciate the Operators having a backstory, the majority of the criticism seems to focus on the backgrounds of each character. Reddit user 'Mibs007' shed light as to why the Operators aren't appealing to players.

Wondering how to improve the Operators that are on offer, one user suggested that two factions could be the answer. "All the operators are the good guys basically. If that had an Axis faction I think we would at least get some variety in character design."

Will Vanguard Operators Get Better?

As more Operators arrive during post-launch content seasons, there's every chance a new faction emerges as the Warzone storyline develops over the course of Vanguard's game cycle. Until then, it looks like Sledgehammer Games won't be changing Operators anytime soon.

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