Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign: The Battle of El Alamein Walkthrough

Following on from the events of The Rats of Tobruk mission, players are immediately placed into the heat of battle during The Battle of El Alamein, the eighth mission from the Call of Duty Vanguard campaign. The mission involves the Rats attempting to clear an Axis ambush after Riggs & company made light work of their outpost.

With plenty of action going on, it can be tricky to make it through certain areas of The Battle of El Alamein, especially on Veteran difficulty. In order to assist, we've compiled a complete walkthrough alongside some helpful tips and tricks to avoid dying over and over again.

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Clear the Ambush

The Battle of El Alamein
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With numerous soldiers and two half-tracks to deal with, deciding which to tackle first is a tough decision. Go after the half-tracks with some well-placed grenades to send them into oblivion. This will cause the Axis to fall back, making them easy pickings for the Lee Enfield sniper rifle. Once the opposition has thinned out, climb the ridge and tackle the mortar teams.

Tip: It's another constant stream of opposition so be sure to stay on the lookout for grenade boxes and ammunition to push back the enemy.

Follow Jacobs

The Battle of El Alamein Call of Duty Vanguard
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As Nazi tanks begin to encroach onto friendly tanks, time is of the essence in order to prevent a catastrophic defeat. Follow Jacobs behind the line of tanks and into the trenches before the bombing run begins. While you're here, resupply on Gammon Bombs and pick up the Bren LMG to kill multiple soldiers in quick succession. Once you're ready for the fight, sit between the tanks and open fire on anything that begins to shoot in your direction.

Call of Duty Vanguard The Battle of El Alamein
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Once you've managed to make it past the first line of tanks and through the trenches, the battlefield becomes more spacious, with minimal cover to utilise against the onslaught of gunfire and mortars. Head left to hide behind an abandoned tank but despite your best efforts, it isn't enough to prevent a hit from a mortar turning the screen white and triggering a cutscene.

Follow Des Up the Hill

The Battle of El Alamein COD Vanguard Campaign
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Despite the orders of Hamms, you and Des choose to ignore them and attempt to take control of the hill to secure some kind of control. Follow Des closely to the bottom of the hill where you're both greeted with a barrage of machine gun fire.

Tip: Use grenades to deal with the machine gunners. The trajectory line is excellent for landing the perfectly cooked frag.

Work your way through the fortified defences and you'll encounter a huge Flak gun being used by the Axis. With it now out of action, help Des build a mounted machine gun ready for when the flare is fired. Deal with the troops that appear out of the blue and hold out until the bombers arrive.

Destroy the Half-Tracks

The Battle of El Alamein Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign
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The half-tracks can be tricky to deal with so make sure you've got a sniper or a scoped assault rifle at hand to kill the turret operators quickly. Soon after their demise, a couple of tanks suddenly appear and just as it looks like it's too late, the friendly bombers finally fly overhead and clear up the resistance. The screen fades to black and a cuntscene begins.


There you have it, that's how to complete The Battle of El Alamein in Call of Duty Vanguard. For more useful guides, check out our ultimate LMG tier list and the best NZ-41 loadout to use in multiplayer.

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